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Professional Payroll Serves all businesses alike whether you're a start up business with 2 employee's to a business that has been established for generations, all businesses will receive the same quality service, we believe a happy client is our client.

Professional Payroll is a complete company offering payroll services from internet payroll, payroll processing, human resources, time and attendance, employee benefits, health insurance, to payroll outsourcing and payroll cards.

Professional Payroll with 40 years of combined expertise in payroll and tax filing we can handle even the most complicated payroll situations from restaurant payroll, hotel payroll to medical payroll and even workers comp. Our highly trained customer service staff posses the experience to process your payroll and answer any and all payroll and tax filing questions.
There are many reasons to select Professional Payroll as your payroll service you can rely on our staff to help your business be more productive. Professional Payroll customizes our product to fit your company's needs rather than having a one service fits all, you chose what services your company needs.

Professional Payroll allows you to report your employee's hours and earnings each payroll period by phone, fax or by using our internet payroll product called www.my payrollweb.com. Within minutes you are finished and we complete the final touches which include checks, direct deposit, tax filing and maintenance of current employee information.

Professional Payroll also offers payroll services for Restaurants, Hotels, Construction and Medical. Visit the following websites to see Professional Payrolls other divisions, www.RestaurantPayroll.com, www.MedicalPayroll.com and www.HotelPayroll.com.

Selecting Professional Payroll saves you time and money, and remember you can expect more with a Professional!
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Complete payroll with time clocks and tip reporting perfect for hotels and restaurants. Ideal solution for small to medium sized offices -- no money down workers compensation. On the run? Talk to a live service representative for quick service. We also include job costing. Forms, facts and advice for growing companies with payroll needs. Accountants and attorneys can increase revenue without start-up costs.
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