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Home - National payroll services provider; Internet,fax, and call-in payroll processing. HR resources, Benefit services (including insurance & 401(k)s), accounting, and bookkeeping.
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Payroll Service - Payroll outsourcing helps your business be more productive. We produce payroll checks, handle direct deposit and much more.
Tax Filing - We perform all tax calculations, handle all deposits and take complete responsibility for their timliness and accuracy.
Direct Deposit - Direct deposit is one of the least expensive, most popular employee benefits you can offer.
Workers Comp - We can arrange a workers compensation program for you that includes no money down and pay as you go billing.
Time Clocks - We provide an easy to use timekeeping solution that's linked by phone to us at Professional Payroll.
Human Resources - Background checks, credit reports, education verification and much more.
Online Services - We provide you with a powerful, easy to use tool for managing your payroll and human resources online.
About Us - Professional Payroll, expect more with a professional.
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